Parcel Box FAQ

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Parcel Drop Boxes.

What is it about Parcel Drop Box that makes it secure?

Great care has been taken designing our Parcel Drop Boxes to ensure that durability and build quality is second to none. The P12 box fitted with press in locks is for single drops of larger deliveries. Whilst all other models are fit with multipoint locks & anti-fishing flap for ease of use by delivery persons.

How is Parcel Drop Box installed?

All Parcel Drop Boxes come with fitting instructions and fixings for the particular model. Your parcel box can easily be installed to the floor, a wall or a fence with just simple DIY skills

Courier Instructions

When you purchase your products from the internet, most companies like Amazon, eBay or internet shops in general have a special instructions box on the payment screen, to which you will enter:

“Please place parcel in Parcel Drop Box and take a scan/number to confirm delivery.”

 Also give instructions on where to find the parcel box as not to confuse your delivery driver

Can Parcel Drop Box be used as a Letterbox?

Yes, Parcel Drop Boxes can receive mail as well as parcels.

Can you provide more than the 15 letters for the standard sign writing option?
Yes! We can accommodate signs with over 15 letters to suit your needs. Please contact us directly for pricing.
Can you make special size Parcel Drop Boxes?
Yes, we make bespoke drop boxes and would be happy to assist you if you contact us directly.
Can you ship your Parcel Drop Boxes internationally?
Yes we can but as the process differs from country to country, please contact us directly for further information.
The Parcel Drop Box I like is currently out of stock. Is it possible to reserve one when stock becomes available?

Yes! Please call us on 01922 458556 or email us at [email protected] and we will happily reserve one for you.

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