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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

What Makes Parcel Drop Box Secure?

We have taken great care when designing our parcel drop boxes, to ensure that durability and build quality is second to none. The p1 box comes with press in locks and the p2-p10 is supplied with multipoint locks & anti-fishing flap for ease of use by delivery persons.

How Many Parcels Will Parcel Drop Box Take?

The P2-p10 boxes can take multiple packages or receive bulk mail drops, with the p1 box designed to take a single delivery or shopping order up to 75 litres.

Delivery Companies Require a Signature on Delivery’s. How we deal with this?

The “parcel drop boxes” are supplied with its own unique barcode which fits inside the door. Delivery drivers can scan the barcode or record the number to obtain a 'signature' as proof of delivery.


All the parcel boxes come with fitting instructions and bolts, this giving you clear instructions on how to install the box and bolts to either fix to the wall or floor. Simple DIY skills should see you accomplish this.

Courier Instructions

When you purchase your products from the internet, most companies like Amazon, eBay or internet shops in general have a special instructions box on the payment screen, to which you will enter:

"Please place parcel in parcel drop box and take a scan/number to confirm delivery."

 Also give instructions on where to find the parcel box as not to confuse the delivery driver.

Are My Items in the Parcel Drop Box Insured?

Most insurance companies would class the parcel-drop-box as an outbuilding. This would normally be covered by your home insurance. We do ask you to check with your insurance company as individual insurers may have different terms.

Can Parcel Drop Box be Used as a Letterbox?

Yes you can add mail to the parcel boxes the same way a parcel would enter this giving it a multi-use.